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Hollertronix #10

This week marks the release of the final installment in what has been one of the most consistent and interesting remix series of the decade. Flipping the brand that he and Low Budget had built off of their legendary parties at the Ukie in Philadelphia, Diplo’s vinyl (and now digi-) releases have featured an eye-popping roster of guest producers, including Buraka Som Sistema, Blaqstarr, A-Trak, Eli Escobar, Scotty B, and DJ Sega, and have helped expose the Chips and Beckies of the world to 21st century dance trends such as B-more Club, Baile Funk and massssh-ups.

The latest and ultimate Hollertronix release features Dutch producers Party Squad (not to be confused with child crime-fighting unit Monster Squad) and crosses b-more, electro and UK funky with some familiar samples. Buy here.

Here’s a track that didn’t make the cut, but is worth checking out nonetheless:

The Party Squad – Murderer (Diplo & Jayou remix)

– White Mike

Lee Mortimer

Choosing a DJ name can be hard. While first starting out as a DJ, selecting a name that will represent you while still sounding “cool” can seem of far greater import than learning anything related to the mixing of two songs. Many choose to assign themselves a name based on some abstract concept, a la “DJ Infiniti” or “DJ Solipsism.” Others choose a handle related to their craft, such as “DJ Revolution” or “DJ Slipmat.” Still others opt to simply use their real names, or names that sound like they might be their real names but are actually made up because their real names are something like Harold Skimpole or Betsy Slutbucket (I’m looking at you Claude Vonstroke…).

London’s Lee Mortimer is one who chose the simple route of allowing his parents to select his performing name for him, and I believe that that may have been a mistake. Whenever I see his name pop up on my iPod, I can’t help but imagine that I am listening to the production of some bow tie-wearing cartoon turtle or perhaps a mid-19th century gold prospector.

But despite the handicap of carrying such a drab brand, his music is contrarily dynamic and appealing. His tracks have been finding their way into the sets of Annie Mac, Switch, Diplo, Crookers and Pete Tong, among others. And he has just released a single entitled “Blau!” with current house demigod Laidback Luke and it lays so nicely on the ears that you might forget its author is a man named Mortimer. Buy here.


Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Blau! (LA Riots remix)

Futureheads – Struck Dumb (Lee Mortimer remix)

– White Mike

Hook N Sling

Sydney-born DJ Hook N Sling — having held residency at Ibiza’s legendary club Space and released mixes commissioned by Ministry of Sound — is probably better known to the big room, festival crowd than to the average music blog reader. But despite these apparent knocks against his hipster cred, he seems to have a taste for the indie rock and has released a couple of solid cross-over remixes of which I am quite fond. Quite quite fond.


La Roux – In for the Kill (Hook N Sling Booty remix)

Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Hook N Sling remix)

– White Mike

DJ Zinc

Hey remember Drum N Bass? That was awesome.

And even the most casual Drum n Bass listener will remember DJ Zinc’s DNB anthem “Super Sharp Shooter.” Well now after taking a year off from producing, the former DNB icon has followed pretty much everyone else in abandoning the genre and is reinventing himself with a warbly 4/4 style that he calls “Crack House.” He recently released an EP of the same name, cop here. And while I’m not sure that he can really claim to be inventing a whole new genre here, the tracks he’s put out this year are pretty dope.

Here are 2 of my favorites:

La Roux – Bulletproof (DJ Zinc remix)

DJ Zinc – Wile Out

– White Mike

Mike the 2600 King

Friends are always surprised when I tell them that hip-hop actually began in Minnesota. And even more surprised when I tell that that’s not true and I just made it up. One man very familiar with hip-hop’s alleged birthplace is Land O’ Lakes resident, Mike the 2600 King.

Coming off the success of the first two Do It To It records, Mike just released his first solo EP “Ready to Rock” this month and its packed with banging funk jams. You can buy the digi-EP here.

Mike will also be returning to The City January 9th to play Triple Crown alongside Jinder and The Projects resident and Hacksaw founder Shane King. More info on that show is available over at Hacksaw.

Mike the 2600 King – Rumble

Mike the 2600 King – Hold Up, I’m Comin

– White Mike

Maluca x Toadally Krossed Out

Today we look at two new artists on the Mad Decent label.

First, New York native Maluca should be making waves in 2010 with her unique blend of cumbia, juke, rap and club music. Her first single “Tigeraso” created a lot of excitement when it debuted this past summer and she has since been remixed by well-known artists Feadz, Sabo and Sticky K (the latter two have also been featured on this blog).

Next, Mad Decent artist Toadally Krossed Out hopes that when the Twilight and True Blood-inspired vampire fad dies out (or is exposed to sunlight), the next supernatural pop obsession will be human-frog hybrids. This mysterious duo debuted in America at last year’s SXSW wearing frog masks and not much else, and introduced the world to a form of frog-centric house that not many other artists are really doing right now. It may all just be a viral marketing ploy by Disney for their upcoming “Princess and the Frog” flick, but still, their tracks are worth checking out.

Maluca – El Tigeraso

Maluca – El Tigeraso (Sonora remix)

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel (Toadally Krossed Out remix)

Toadally Krossed Out – Toad’s Theme

– White Mike

Tiga Interview Tiga: Ciao! Means Forever

So much in electronic music takes it’s self so seriously. Blah blah detroit, this one time at Berghain newest upand comingwhatever. Going to the club should make you laugh like the first time you got through the door with a fake id. Tiga knows this and has found in himself the douchiest character that comes out in this interview. It’s a Bill Murray like performance that follows the one sheets that Tiga would write for the Turbo Recordings releases. Just another reason that Turbo is pretty much my favorite label running. Oh yeah, if you are one those people that can’t detect sarcasm you’re gonna hate this. If you, like myself enjoy reptile molestation jokes and the P of the I M you won’t starve a humorless death.

Miike Snow- Black and Blue (Tiga Remix)

Tiga- What You Need (Proxy Remix)



So, last night I was hired to play the Christmas party for the local office of a major corporation and was happy to discover that traditional Christmas music in their company culture is the alternation of the Black Eyed Peas with Lady Gaga. Here was a conversation that repeated itself throughout the night:

“So what kind of music are you going to be playing tonight?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that question…”

“Well, do you think you could play something fun?”

“That sounds a little dangerous… Like what?”

“Ummm… I don’t know, like Lady Gaga?”

“I actually just played Lady Gaga. What song would you like to hear?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe ‘Just Dance’?”

“I honestly just played ‘Just Dance’ two songs ago.”

“Oh, well then whatever one you like.”


In other news, everyone’s favorite Canadian disco editor, U-Tern (One Day Later), has put out a few remixes in the past few months that are pretty much amazing. Wrote a song ’bout it, like to hear it, here it go:

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (U-Tern remix)

Felix da Housecat – Ready 2 Wear (U-Tern edit)

– White Mike

Laptops and Your Rights: Founder Meeting Tonight!

Tonight, join hundreds of San Francisco industry professionals as we not only celebrate the retrieval of Justin Martin and Matthew Higgins property, but take a serious look at we can do regain power, fight the police, and unite as one community in the San Francisco entertainment industry. The California Music and Culture Association is holding a meeting tonight at 5PM at Mezzanine, to organize and discuss the steps which need to be taken to stop the injustice and protect ourselves. The following is an email sent out today by Entertainment Commission representative, Terrance Alan:

Entertainment Industry Leaders,

Remember TODAY, Wednesday, at 5 PM we will convene a “Founder’s Meeting” of industry professionals, artists and patrons to set the stage for the announcement of the Entertainment Industry Trade Association we are calling the California Music and Culture Association or CMCA. If you throw down house parties, own a nightclub or performance space, write music, perform in a band, are a DJ or VJ, belong to a security team or just LOVE the entertainment scene you need to join other like minded folk as we create the FIRST EVER trade association for the entertainment industry of San Francisco and the world.

The recent seizure of personal LAPTOPS at allegedly illegal parties has sparked a new wave of scrutiny about how the police are spending taxpayer money and how they are treating us while they pursue law and order. Angry, outraged and exasperated are some of the reactions that have come from the lips of those caught in the wave of police action but more mission critical is the sense that we have no power.

Venues that receive their permits from the SFPD or the ABC are worried that speaking out will make them a victim of retaliation and in this economy, that can spell the death of their business.
Individuals that “have a life” are flabbergasted at the hostile treatment and downright spite they feel when confronted by the police and nobody wants to bring more of that bad juju into their life.

But we have to do something. We have to demand respect from our hired public safety officers. We have to organize and speak as the one HUGE community of music lovers that we are. Power and political influence will come from being organized and that is the purpose of CMCA.

“Become a Fan” of the CMCA on Facebook

Tell Your Friends and Spread the Word!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
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San Francisco, CA 94103