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Scionify! w/ Gaslamp Killer and DJ Craze

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As far as corporate sponsorship goes, Scion is kinda killing it. I’ve gathered quite a little collection of Scion themed SWAG over the past few years from various parties. I’ve got two adorable pairs of pink Scion panties that read “What Moves You” on the ass (hey, its better than “juicy”), i’ve got sampler CDs galore, earplugs for my earholes,  and several tubes of SPF 15 which have been INSRTUMENTAL in my not getting cancer. That’s just to name a few. (more…)

DJ Neil Armstrong

As a DJ, over the years I’ve developed a few routines that I like to break out here and there to keep my sets interesting. Sometimes I do this thing where I’ll play the sample source and mix it into the song using the sample. I call it “Single City.” Other times I’ll loop a section of lyrics and mix that into another song with the same or similar lyrics. I call this “Swing City. How do we filter out the teases? We don’t let them in. This goes for the guys, too, because sometimes the guys are tapped out. But check your lease man, because you’re living in “Fuck City!”

One better-known DJ who has also discovered the wonders of “Single City” (aka a standard DJ routine) is NYC’s Neil Armstrong, founding member of the 5th Platoon DJ collective and Jay-Z’s tour DJ. Armstrong has also appeared on Letterman, Carson Daly (is that still a show?), at the NBA All-Star Game and the Olympic Games.

Additionally, he has been steadily churning out mixtapes for over a decade now, among them Originals, which takes the sample->sample source idea to new levels and DNA of The Blueprint, which serves as Armstrong’s personal tribute to his current MC (both are available for download after the jump).


There is a long history of ironic, white covers of popular hip-hop and R&B tracks — from Dynamite Hack singing “Boyz in the Hood” in golf sweaters and flip flops, to Little Boots’ recent melancholic cover of Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite.” In general, these attempts range from the retarded to the horribly offensive — with the rare creative or interesting recreation emerging here and there.

The new Fool’s Gold-repped artist Telephoned has recently joined membership into this group and whether they are one of the rare, successful entries into the sub-genre, I will let you be the judge. One thing I can say for Telephoned is that its members are talented. The group is a collaboration between DJ/Producer Sammy Bananas and DJ/Singer Maggie Horn. Bananas has put out a number of solid dance tracks in the past two years, including a pretty wicked remix of Passion Pit’s “The Reeling.”

(mp3s after the jump)

Felix Cartal x Christian Martin

A couple of things about ducks: 1) the males have giant, corkscrew-shaped penises and 2) they have an unfortunate penchant for gang-rape.

While I was in college, a few friends and I had just finished a delicious and affordable meal at a South Bay Chili’s when we witnessed one of the more disturbing spectacles of our young lives. A group of ducks were gathered near the edge of the parking lot and appeared to be reenacting a scene from “The Accused.” As we walked closer, we saw two ducks holding down the head of what we assumed was the female duck, while a third ravaged her from the rear. This continued for a few moments until the lucky duck (!) got off, withdrew and swaggered off down to the adjacent stream, followed by his accomplices.

At the time we were shocked, but apparently gang rape is as much a part of being a duck as flying through rainbows is part of being a unicorn. Also, female ducks have spiral vaginas with trap doors to mislead duck rapists. All of these things are true (except the part about the unicorn) and you can read all about it here.

(Here comes the segue… wait for it…)

Coachella 2010!

This year, Coachella brought the best of this years hottest artists into one arena on 5 stages over 3 days in a titillating, chaotic and full fledged maniacal music exhibition.

The Projects were in attendance, focusing mainly on electronic acts, but we got a full range of the best performances…as follows:

 © sleepydoll

© sleepydoll

Thom Yorke

This man is a saint. A muppet. A full fledged music genie. You could not ask for a more stripped down, humble performer. Echoing perfect lyrics over stunning piano and guitar sections, Thom Yorke was easily the highlight of the festival. Rumors had been circling about supposed on-stage duets (including David Bowie…can you imagine??) Alas, it was just Thom and Flea, with the Atoms of Peace. After we had been bouncing from high energy act to high energy act, Thom Yorke seemed to breathe life into the audience, offering a calm and encouraging perspective. He is simply classic and timeless. Wait, isn’t that what music is supposed to be? Oh yeah. Thom Yorke…you win Coachella.

Die Antwoord, Major Lazer, Fever Ray and more after the jump… (more…)

Classic Hip Hop Mixes: Dr. Dre x DJ Riz

Years before I got into smoking weed, drinking malt liquor and doing drive-bys, The Chronic was released and I, like every other 12 year-old boy on my block, quickly put away the Cooleyhighharmony and jumped full force into G-Funk. It wasn’t that suburban white kids like me could really relate to the content, or that we held real animosity toward EZ or Tim Dog (or knew who Tim Dog was). Instead, it was Dre’s flawless production and the smooth, at-times angry lyrical flow of the Death Row camp that had me singing “bitches ain’t shit” as I rode my sweet GT bicycle home from school.

It’s been 18 years (do the math) and there finally seems to be real evidence that the often-talked-about, never-produced album “Detox” might actually see release this year. Scott Storch, who has apparently been doing some detoxing himself, earlier this month mentioned that the release of the album’s first single “Under Pressure,” which features Jay-Z, should happen sometime this summer.

With an album from Big Boi also set to drop in the summer months, this could be a good year for the aging stars of rap. In anticipation of these alleged releases, here are some olllllld throwback mixes from two of hip-hop’s best known DJs.

(mp3s after the jump)

RIP Guru

RIP to one of the greatest MCs of all time. What more can be said except that we lost a legend today.

The Bay’s Matthew Africa last month put together a tribute mix to Gang Starr that today serves as a perfect memorial to one of hip hop’s greatest duos. This shit definitely takes me back. Enjoy:

Stream here.

Download here.

(tracklist after the jump)

Jokers of the Scene

When most Americans think of Ottawa, they picture the historic cholera outbreak of 1832 or the precise urban planning of Frenchman Jacques Greber. However, in addition to being recognized for these fascinating details, Canada’s capitol city supports a pretty solid little house scene. At the center of this lies Disorganized (now Frenzy), a monthly party which for the past 7 years has brought Ottawa’s dance community together to party with some of the world’s top DJs.

Founders DJ Booth and Chameleonic, together known as Jokers of the Scene due to their early difficulties in earning respect from their Ottawan DJ peers, started Disorganized as a small loft party and it quickly grew into one of the city’s premier dance parties. They have since graduated from playing host to that party to touring the globe, signing with record label Fool’s Gold and releasing a handful of original singles, including the massive Baggy Bottom Boys. In addition, they have been commissioned to produce remixes for Passion Pit, Kid Cudi, Acid Girls, Thunderheist, Flosstradamus and Muscles, among others.

Next Friday (4/23), they join The Faint spin-off Depressed Buttons, LA’s Frankie Chan (iheartcomix) and San Francisco’s favorite DJ/Male Model Richie Panic (Blow Up) at 330 Ritch. Advance $13 tix are available here.

(mp3s after the jump)

Thom Yorke x Atoms for Peace

Most people assume that using drugs you’ve found lying on a city sidewalk is a perfectly reasonable and safe thing to do. Thus, they’re often surprised when I tell them a story which reveals that perhaps, in some rare cases, found drugs are better left alone.

It was the summer of 2003, the war in Iraq had just been won, Gary Coleman was running for governor and Uncle Kracker was beginning to Drift Away (so sad). In the few years prior, I had developed an angst-fueled obsession with Radiohead and was excited when they announced two midsummer dates at Shoreline Amphitheatre. After a brief defeat at the hands of Ticketmaster, my hopes were revived when a girl that I had been hanging out with and (unsuccessfully) trying to make more than friends was able to leverage her role as passive victim of sexual harassment to score two tickets from her well-connected (but not well-endowed) boss. Platonic friendship paid off and I was graciously given the second ticket.

(mp3s after the jump..)