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Classic Hip Hop Mixes: Dr. Dre x DJ Riz

Years before I got into smoking weed, drinking malt liquor and doing drive-bys, The Chronic was released and I, like every other 12 year-old boy on my block, quickly put away the Cooleyhighharmony and jumped full force into G-Funk. It wasn’t that suburban white kids like me could really relate to the content, or that we held real animosity toward EZ or Tim Dog (or knew who Tim Dog was). Instead, it was Dre’s flawless production and the smooth, at-times angry lyrical flow of the Death Row camp that had me singing “bitches ain’t shit” as I rode my sweet GT bicycle home from school.

It’s been 18 years (do the math) and there finally seems to be real evidence that the often-talked-about, never-produced album “Detox” might actually see release this year. Scott Storch, who has apparently been doing some detoxing himself, earlier this month mentioned that the release of the album’s first single “Under Pressure,” which features Jay-Z, should happen sometime this summer.

With an album from Big Boi also set to drop in the summer months, this could be a good year for the aging stars of rap. In anticipation of these alleged releases, here are some olllllld throwback mixes from two of hip-hop’s best known DJs.

(mp3s after the jump)

The first, an impressive set in two parts (and on four decks) by the aforementioned Dre, circa 1987 — pre-Chronic, pre-Snoop, pre-NWA, pre-Dr. Pepper. The second comes from the always solid DJ Riz of Crooklyn Clan fame, recorded on Tim Westwood’s show on the BBC. And yes, he does mix Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game” in there (aka the song that inspired the entire the XX album). I shouldn’t have to say that these are “all-vinyl” mixes, but hey! They are!

Oh, and here’s a bonus freestyle from a young Snoop Doggy Dogg on the Arsenio Hall show. Pretty sick:


Dr. Dre – Old School Swap Meet pt. 1

Dr. Dre – Old School Swap Meet pt 2

DJ Riz – Tim Westwood Megamix (1994)

White Mike