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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My first Valentine’s Day in San Francisco was spent at the now defunct “Club Neon” hosted at the now defunct Hush Hush on 14th and Guerrero. The Hush Hush had become a popular hang-out for my friends and I as it offered, among other things, a 25 cent PBR special every Friday night happy hour, meaning that despite our elaborate weekend plans we would typically be in bed by 10.

(mp3s after the jump…)

On Valentine’s night however, the bar offered not 1920′s beer pricing but rather two man-sized cages and an apparent “pant optional” policy, which many chose to immediately take advantage of. Due to my failure to plan ahead with my choice of underwear (and to my crippling body dysmorphia), I remained well-pantsed throughout the evening. But this did not stop me from making desperate advances at some of the more exposed females in the room; advances that illicited little positive result.

Since then, Valentine’s Days have improved slightly each year although I still have yet to layer my bed with rose petals or buy anything at Jared. Thankfully, I recently discovered Cosmo Baker’s two love-themed soul mixes, which should make anyone’s Valentine’s a little more sweet. All classics — Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Aretha, etc. and some very familiar sample sources for the hip hop heads. Perfect for the 8-hour marathan love-making that you’ve got planned for your special lady (or man) friend.

Enjoy. And beware of love children…

Cosmo Baker – Love Break mix

Cosmo Baker – Valentines Roll mix

EDIT: So I’ve been told that the Valentine’s Day Underwear party is still going (strong?) and, if that’s your thing, you can participate down at The Knockout. Try not to get too visibly excited. Oh, and you can catch me playing a singles type party at Beauty Bar. Peace.

White Mike