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Not Another Haiti Post…

It’s fairly unnecessary to recap the events of Haiti’s devastating earthquake last week, in yet another tedious blog post. I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now (and if not, turn to a more credible organization for your facts, not a blog.) Truth is, the details of the ‘quake don’t matter nearly as much as the actions we take to help support the relief efforts.

We all wish we could jump on a plane and go volunteer, but those official guys keep saying the best thing we can do is donate. So, let’s donate…but how? Personally, I’m not too keen on the whole ‘Text to Donate’ deal, partly because I think AT&T are shiesters, and partly because there are much cooler ways of doing it. Here are a bunch of awesome ways you can donate:

Etsy Shop for Haiti


Etsy has teamed up with DoctorsWithoutBorders to create an Etsy shop of all donated items. 100% of the profits go to support DoctorsWithoutBorders relief efforts in Haiti. If you have items you would like to donate to the shop, send an email to etsyforhaiti [at] for a copy of the donation guidelines. Click here to visit the Hearts for Haiti store.

Sneakers and Tees for Haiti

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Manik and Goods in Seattle have collaborated on a few tee shirts, being sold for $20 a piece. 100% of the profit goes to You can buy these by calling the Goods boutique in Seattle @ 206.622.0459.

Playclothes have also designed a limited edition Haiti tee for $38.00. All proceeds will be donated to the YELE Haiti Earthquake Fund. Only available until Jan 22nd! Check them out here

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If you are tight on cash, but still want to help, you can send any of your new or slightly used sneakers to Sneakerheads for Haiti. Nice Kicks is heading up this donation along with Soles4Souls. Just ship the sneakers to Sneakerheads for Haiti, Soles4Souls, Inc., 315 Airport Road, Roanoke, AL 36274.

Art for Haiti

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A number of artists are donating a percentage of profits from their art to Haiti relief organizations. Artists include James White, Chuck Anderson, Natalie Bertin, and Graphic Designer Ben Whitesell.

Student Filmmakers for Haiti


This is by far one of the coolest stories I have heard. The Ciné Institute based in Jacmel, Haiti, was leveled in the earthquake last week. The Ciné Institute is a film school that educates Haitian youth about all aspects of  film and media. All of the students survived the earthquake and then went back to their school, dug through the rubble, pulled out their cameras, and are now making a visual record of the Haitians, by the Haitians. That’s awesome.

You can check out photos on their website of the school’s past projects (building a dolly, shooting a commercial etc) and you can also donate to help them rebuild their school, locate missing individuals and distribute aid. This is especially important now, because Jacmel suffered a 6.0 aftershock early this morning (6AM Wednesday Jan, 20th.)

Visit their website, check out their photos and if you are able, donate what you can!

Non-Red Cross Organizations

Yele Haiti

Yele Haiti

Yele Haiti is an organization started by Wycleaf Jean, which focuses on music, sports and the media to support projects that are making a difference in education, health, environment and community development.” Click here to read more or donate.

Carma Foundation

Carma Foundation

The Carma Foundation was stared by Melky Jean, Wycleaf Jean’s sister. Their organization focuses on improving the health of poor Haitian women and children. They utilize media and pop culture to create a platform of awareness, dialogue, and action. Click here to read more or donate.

The Lambi Fund of Haiti

“The Lambi Fund’s mission is to assist the popular, democratic movement in Haiti. Its goal is to help strengthen civil society as a necessary foundation of democracy and development. The fund channels financial and other resources to community-based organizations that promote the social and economic empowerment of the Haitian people.” Click here to read more or to donate.


Avaaz, meaning ‘voice’, uses a global model of connecting people to bring ‘people powered politics’ to international decison-making. Click here to read more or to donate.

Party for Haiti

And If you’re still itching for givin’ a little more Haitian support, maybe a party perhaps, join us next week, Saturday January 30th at Mezzanine. We will be spending the evening raising money and dancing to fantastic jams by far too many San Francisco local DJs including Bad Neighbors, Eric Sharp, Disco Shawn, Nisus, Omar, Richie Panic, Shane King, Sleazemore, Sticky K and White Girl Lust, photos by Parker Day and Visuals by yours truly . 100% of ALL door proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross for the Earthquake Victims in Haiti, $10-$15 Suggested Donation.

Whew! Now there’s not a single reason you can’t help!

<3 Testarosa