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It was about two years ago that a friend and I, suffering from some mid-20s angst, decided to rent a giant SUV, drive up to Point Reyes (pic above), get high on mushrooms and “figure things out.” One thing we figured out is that Point Reyes is extremely cold. Another lesson was that driving giant, rented SUVs while high on mushrooms is kind of amazing (and maybe kind of dangerous, sooo… ummm….).

The soundtrack for that day was Broadcast – Tender Buttons. If I were to do it again (and don’t worry, I won’t), I might choose something like the new track “Landscapes” by Tim Paris project Idioma.

It’s that perfect ephemeral, atmospheric track that can make staring out your window into a profound experience. DFA’s Shit Robot has also contributed a tastefully drummed-up remix that thankfully leaves much of the original production alone.

Mellow out y’all:

Idioma – Landscapes

Idioma – Landscapes (Shit Robot remix)

White Mike