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So, last night I was hired to play the Christmas party for the local office of a major corporation and was happy to discover that traditional Christmas music in their company culture is the alternation of the Black Eyed Peas with Lady Gaga. Here was a conversation that repeated itself throughout the night:

“So what kind of music are you going to be playing tonight?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that question…”

“Well, do you think you could play something fun?”

“That sounds a little dangerous… Like what?”

“Ummm… I don’t know, like Lady Gaga?”

“I actually just played Lady Gaga. What song would you like to hear?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe ‘Just Dance’?”

“I honestly just played ‘Just Dance’ two songs ago.”

“Oh, well then whatever one you like.”


In other news, everyone’s favorite Canadian disco editor, U-Tern (One Day Later), has put out a few remixes in the past few months that are pretty much amazing. Wrote a song ’bout it, like to hear it, here it go:

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (U-Tern remix)

Felix da Housecat – Ready 2 Wear (U-Tern edit)

– White Mike