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Tiga Interview Tiga: Ciao! Means Forever

So much in electronic music takes it’s self so seriously. Blah blah detroit, this one time at Berghain newest upand comingwhatever. Going to the club should make you laugh like the first time you got through the door with a fake id. Tiga knows this and has found in himself the douchiest character that comes out in this interview. It’s a Bill Murray like performance that follows the one sheets that Tiga would write for the Turbo Recordings releases. Just another reason that Turbo is pretty much my favorite label running. Oh yeah, if you are one those people that can’t detect sarcasm you’re gonna hate this. If you, like myself enjoy reptile molestation jokes and the P of the I M you won’t starve a humorless death.

Miike Snow- Black and Blue (Tiga Remix)

Tiga- What You Need (Proxy Remix)