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Sticky K

11.30. Cyber Monday.

When I first heard mention of this apparent holiday, I assumed that the “cyber” in Cyber Monday must refer to a certain deviant behavior that I had discovered in various internet chat rooms as an adolescent. The thought of an annual revival of that phenomenon on a mass scale got me excited, if only briefly, as I quickly remembered that those experiences were always marred by a healthy skepticism regarding whether my partner was actually performing the acts that she claimed (on the genitalia that she claimed to have).

The realization that Cyber Monday was instead a day celebrated by repeatedly entering one’s credit card number on various websites seemed slightly more sensible, as well as lending itself to greater participation by those whose employers tend to frown upon the idea of virtual (or actual) sex in the workplace.

For those that still have money in their pockets after a day’s long “cybering,” on Wednesday, the long-running Infatuation welcomes the return of Sticky K. The local boy made good — who is now signed to Dubsided and rolling with bi-coastal promotional team Gold Sweat — brings back his high energy, bass-heavy sound to Vessel, with support from local bloghouse phenoms Pance Party. The party is free before 11 with RSVP at the Vessel website.

Guest mix for Kissy Sell Out’s BBC Radio 1 show


1. Major Lazer – Jump Up (Sticky K Remix)
2. Larry Tee – Let’s Make Nasty (Sticky K Remix)
3. Crookers – Para de Gracinha (Sticky K Remix)
4. Sticky K – The Weirdo
5. Sticky K – Bandari Funk
6. *exclusive*
7. *exclusive*

– White Mike