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Mike the 2600 King

Friends are always surprised when I tell them that hip-hop actually began in Minnesota. And even more surprised when I tell that that’s not true and I just made it up. One man very familiar with hip-hop’s alleged birthplace is Land O’ Lakes resident, Mike the 2600 King.

Coming off the success of the first two Do It To It records, Mike just released his first solo EP “Ready to Rock” this month and its packed with banging funk jams. You can buy the digi-EP here.

Mike will also be returning to The City January 9th to play Triple Crown alongside Jinder and The Projects resident and Hacksaw founder Shane King. More info on that show is available over at Hacksaw.

Mike the 2600 King – Rumble

Mike the 2600 King – Hold Up, I’m Comin

– White Mike