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Maluca x Toadally Krossed Out

Today we look at two new artists on the Mad Decent label.

First, New York native Maluca should be making waves in 2010 with her unique blend of cumbia, juke, rap and club music. Her first single “Tigeraso” created a lot of excitement when it debuted this past summer and she has since been remixed by well-known artists Feadz, Sabo and Sticky K (the latter two have also been featured on this blog).

Next, Mad Decent artist Toadally Krossed Out hopes that when the Twilight and True Blood-inspired vampire fad dies out (or is exposed to sunlight), the next supernatural pop obsession will be human-frog hybrids. This mysterious duo debuted in America at last year’s SXSW wearing frog masks and not much else, and introduced the world to a form of frog-centric house that not many other artists are really doing right now. It may all just be a viral marketing ploy by Disney for their upcoming “Princess and the Frog” flick, but still, their tracks are worth checking out.

Maluca – El Tigeraso

Maluca – El Tigeraso (Sonora remix)

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel (Toadally Krossed Out remix)

Toadally Krossed Out – Toad’s Theme

– White Mike