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Laptops and Your Rights: Founder Meeting Tonight!

Tonight, join hundreds of San Francisco industry professionals as we not only celebrate the retrieval of Justin Martin and Matthew Higgins property, but take a serious look at we can do regain power, fight the police, and unite as one community in the San Francisco entertainment industry. The California Music and Culture Association is holding a meeting tonight at 5PM at Mezzanine, to organize and discuss the steps which need to be taken to stop the injustice and protect ourselves. The following is an email sent out today by Entertainment Commission representative, Terrance Alan:

Entertainment Industry Leaders,

Remember TODAY, Wednesday, at 5 PM we will convene a “Founder’s Meeting” of industry professionals, artists and patrons to set the stage for the announcement of the Entertainment Industry Trade Association we are calling the California Music and Culture Association or CMCA. If you throw down house parties, own a nightclub or performance space, write music, perform in a band, are a DJ or VJ, belong to a security team or just LOVE the entertainment scene you need to join other like minded folk as we create the FIRST EVER trade association for the entertainment industry of San Francisco and the world.

The recent seizure of personal LAPTOPS at allegedly illegal parties has sparked a new wave of scrutiny about how the police are spending taxpayer money and how they are treating us while they pursue law and order. Angry, outraged and exasperated are some of the reactions that have come from the lips of those caught in the wave of police action but more mission critical is the sense that we have no power.

Venues that receive their permits from the SFPD or the ABC are worried that speaking out will make them a victim of retaliation and in this economy, that can spell the death of their business.
Individuals that “have a life” are flabbergasted at the hostile treatment and downright spite they feel when confronted by the police and nobody wants to bring more of that bad juju into their life.

But we have to do something. We have to demand respect from our hired public safety officers. We have to organize and speak as the one HUGE community of music lovers that we are. Power and political influence will come from being organized and that is the purpose of CMCA.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009
444 Jessie Street
San Francisco, CA 94103