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The LovE Keeps Coming…

theProjects resident photographer Als spectacular shots of the Solid Gold Jacuzzi Float at LovEvolution!

Solid Gold Confetti at LovEvolution

If you haven’t had an overload of LovEvolution media yet, here’s some more love to stuff down your facehole. We’ve got the sickest LovEvolution photos yet by theProjects resident photographer Low AL. They are few, but they are hott:

You can also check out this interview with Andy from Groove Armada, post 50ft scissor lift gold frenzy:

“…Next thing I know I was a hundred feet up, everyone was cheering and the wind was blowing so hard that I was like a cork in a bathtub, trying to operate the DJ set up while trying not to think about the fact that I could very soon go crashing a very long way down. I’m sure it flouted all kinds of health and safety rules – which by and large I think is a positive thing. And I got down in one piece.” [Full Interview here]

Also be sure to check out UrbMag’s 10 Things you Missed at LovEvolution article, the Solid Gold Jacuzzi is one of them! Last but not least, we present to you, with no further a deux, the 2009 Solid Gold Jacuzzi LovEvolution video!