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Hamsters, Hipsters and more at Cinema by the Bay

Cinema by the Bay

If you’re a Bay Area baby, a devout San Franciscan, or just into film, be sure to check out Cinema by the Bay, starting next Friday, October 22nd. Cinema by the Bay is a four day festival devoted to all things San Francisco. The festival focuses on “…passion, innovation and diversity of Bay Area filmmaking…” and an intimate look into the real San Francisco film world. The festival screen a variety of films, from romantic comedy to documentary as well as an incredible Shorts Program featuring SF veteran filmmakers, professors and blossoming directors.

TheProjects recommends:

Sorry, Thanks

Sorry, Thanks
Dir. Dia Sokol (2009)
Screening Saturday, October 24th, 9:00pm
@ Landmark’s Clay Theatre

In this hipster odyssey set in the Mission, Max (Wiley Wiggins of Dazed and Confused) cheats on his girlfriend with someone who has just gone through a brutal breakup, setting off on a lazy bildungsroman of modest self-discovery.
Dir. Jeff Mizushima (2009)
Screening  Sunday, October 25th, 6:30pm
@ Landmark’s Clay Theatre

When his dwarf hamster gets diagnosed with cancer, a young SF hotel worker takes the little guy on one last bike trip down the coast,
riding the precarious line between melodrama and camp.
The Cinema by the Bay Opening Party will be Thursday, October 22nd at Temple Nightclub with a cornucopia of exciting
  • Eric Landmark will narrate his video about the existential dilemmas posed by the vintage video game Asteroids.
  • Lucas Murida, representing The Thing Quarterly, will predict the future while Wholphin DVD will screen new shorts by filmmakers including Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs.
  • Amy Hicks will present her wonderful cut-out animations and the Sk8 Sisters will sing songs about homesteading.
  • The art collective I, Daughter of Kong will present compelling evidence for the existence of King Kong and Fay Wray’s furry love child.
  • Husband and wife team Kathleen Quillian and Gilbert Guerrero will offer a masterful animation/VJ set.
  • The band Work will present its score to original animation by Keturah Cummings, and T.I.T.S. unveils music composed for Daisies by avant-garde Czech filmmaker Vera Chytilová.
  • Video mash-ups by Club Bootie resident DJs Adrian and the Mysterious D.
So come out and support your local cinema!
Cinema by the Bay
October 22-24
San Francisco, CA