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Bring On the Gold!

goldplay solid gold jacuzzi afterparty san francisco lovEvolutionSolid Gold Jacuzzi Presents Goldplay!

It’s been a busy week in preparation for the 2009 LovEvolution (previously LoveFest.) Solid Gold Jacuzzi is ramping up for an amazing float full of epic music and epic surprises. In addition to the gold madness at Civic Center, Solid Gold Jacuzzi is also teaming up with Om Records for an afterparty at Mezzanine! This party is not to be missed! The lineup includes Trackademicks, LA Riots, Amp Live, DJ Heather, K Flay, Shane King, Eric Sharp, Nisus, Morale, Swayzee, Sleazemore, DJ Fluid and Alvaro Velilla! CRAZY! Prepare yourself and bring on the Gold!

The Solid Gold JaCREWzzi and theProjects have poured blood sweat and tears into an amazingly, viral ball of gold video madness! You might want to sit down:

So please join us next Saturday, October 3rd at Civic Center on the Gold Jacuzzi float at LovEvolution, and the GoldPlay afterparty at Mezzanine, and be sure to RSVP Here!

Can’t wait…it’s gonna be gold!